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West Finance’s loan is Denmark’s largest and most experienced car finance company, but in addition to financing cars, we can also offer loan financing for the purchase of most types of equipment for the private business sector.

Learn how to apply for a business loan

The main focus at is on business loans offering to finance for the private business community. It is especially financing of machinery and equipment for the Danish business community that we are strong in. We are engaged in the sectors of agriculture, construction, industry, and transport. Our vision is to be the preferred partner of the industry in terms of financing through a corporate loan and replacing your existing machines, equipment and financing new tasks and projects.

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For us, loyalty and trust are key concepts that we are vigilant about. Before we advise you on what services will fit best for your / your needs in order to be able to offer you advice and that our partners are seriously trying to be at the forefront of the development in your company in order to be able to give it to you. most qualified advice.

For us, it is important that we outline your long-term investment plans. Together with you, we make a roadmap and financing framework. From we have had our first meetings to there can be a commitment to the overall framework for your loan agreement. Then all the pieces are in place and you can freely dispose of when the good offers are ready on the market or when you need new equipment. Something you need to consider is whether your business needs the latest equipment on the market and you thereby become among the first in the market or whether you also get your new financing to stretch longer by buying some older and or used the equipment.

West Finans leasing or purchase contract.

As a customer of ours, you get the advantage of having a solid industry knowledge, certainly for your industry. You also get a permanent contact person, leasing or purchase contract and a sense of security in dealing with us. Our business is based on a solid knowledge of a large industry knowledge within industries such as contractors, agriculture and the construction industry. At the same time, our consultants are among the best educated and committed in the market. They will ensure you the best possible service all the way through, where at no time will you feel left to yourself.

We especially focus on private leasing for cars. We are experts in the field of private leasing and are based on the individual case based on you and your needs. Our dedicated employee has a thorough knowledge of the Danish car industry and can ensure you professional sparring and advice through all phases of the purchase from the first considerations until you stand with the keys in your hand.

We make sure you get a car that suits your needs. By leasing through us, you avoid unforeseen costs for service and repairs. And you choose if you want to lease the car for 24, 36 and 48 months. You choose how many kilometers you want to drive a year if it should be 15,000, 20,000, 25,000 up to 60,000 kilometers. In addition, you can choose insurance that includes tire agreement, road assistance, and a replacement car. You can also get a fuel card that gives a discount every time you have to think.

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When you have decided that you would like to use West loans. And our unique offer of private leasing and financing for the private business. We are a leader in our industry. And we are the market leader in car rental for private individuals. At the same time, we are the best to finance matters for the private business sector through our extensive industry knowledge and solid experience in this particular industry where our experience is unmatched at the present time, we have highly trained employees who are ready to serve you and your company.

We are ready to serve you and you are more than welcome to contact us. To learn more about what we can offer you from our wide range of financial services to you and the private business community. You can also visit our website to see more and read more. On our website, there is also an overview and the most frequently asked questions. What we can offer and what terms and interest rates we have. Inside the customer service menu, there are 5 points where you can see questions and answers. Within five different categories covering our entire range of services.

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